Vanilla Bean Powder Review

This product really wowed me! I love the taste of vanilla anytime, but this one is so intense and you can really tell that it has been ground recently and not months ago. I love that this powder comes in an easy to reseal bag, so that I can easily open it and use what I need and then store the rest. I love that this is gluten free and vegan and that it is all organic. We get way too many chemicals in our bodies as is and it is nice that this isn’t just one more. You can really perk up the taste of any smoothie or any recipe that you make that calls for vanilla extract. I really prefer the taste of this powder over the fake vanilla extracts that can really ruin a dish. I also like to add a small teaspoon of this to my coffee beans when I am grinding them and I get the richest vanilla coffee that way. It taste amazing. Your really much try this yourself.

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Saavy Naturals Plumeria Violet Body Cream Review

This body cream smells amazing. Not only does it smell amazing, my skin also feels wonderful after using! The cream spreads nicely and really sinks into your skin well. I love that this comes in a pump bottle, as that is much simpler to use. The bottle is well made too, indicating that the company truly cares about their products and their customers. This bottle is pretty as well, which means that displaying it on my desk is easy. They have such a range of beautifully made products and being vegan and all natural, makes me so much happier to use them! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion of it.

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Smooth Viking Beard Oil Review

This oil isn’t only good just for beards, but for the skin underneath as well. My husband doesn’t wear a beard but he uses this oil on his super sensitive facial skin after shaving and this helps tone down the irritation that he suffers and leaves his skin smooth and itch free. The bottle is well made and the dropper is of good quality materials, being well made keeps them from breaking, which is a pain in the rear for anyone that has ever used dropper bottles. No worries with this one. This product smells amazing on his skin and in the bottle. I love snuggling up to him after he uses this. The blend of oils in the product all have amazing skin benefits, as well as beard care benefits. No one likes seeing a beard that has not been taken care of properly. Being an all natural product, you don’t have to worry about what chemicals you are slathering onto your face either. The oils keep beards from having dandruff but also keeps dry skin flaking gone, if you have no beard. We love this product and this company! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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LaBelleza Anti Aging Products Review

I was offered the wonderful opportunity to try out 2 great products from this amazing company. The company name is LaBelleza and the products were a vitamin c serum and a hyaluronic acid serum. Both of these products are known to reduce the signs of aging on the skin by fighting fine lines and wrinkles with natural ingredients. They both make your skin feel beyond amazing!

Starting with the vitamin c serum:
It smells amazing! You wash your wash you face as you normally would and then apply this product. I do it in the morning and at night before bed. Then you apply your moisturizer as usual. Or foundation in the morning. Within a matter of days my skin felt smoother, looked younger and more radiant. With continued use it just gets better.
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And now the Hyaluronic acid serum:
This is a really awesome looking bottle, looks great sitting on my vanity. But if that was all it was good for then it would be pretty useless, right? Well, that is not all it is good for! This product goes to work from the first use to allow your skin to pull in moisture and repair itself. Continued use nets the same amazing results as above, reducing fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging and damaged skin. It feels nice on your skin and smells pretty good too.
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You won’t regret either purchase! BUT if you do there is a money back guarantee! You all know how I love that.

Kiss to you all, Have a warm and safe weekend!


Amara Organics Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review

This hyaluronic acid serum is natural and organic, which is huge for me and for countless others. It smells ok and that goes a long way with me too because if it stinks I am done and over it and won’t use it. It has to go on your face, so I don’t want to smell stink, and this one doesn’t do that! The bottle is well made and the pump on top is excellent and doesn’t clog! Your skin really does feel softer and smoother within minutes of the first application. Within days you can start to see a change in the definition of fine lines and wrinkles as this targets that to make your skin more youthful. This product works as intended and offers a natural solution to chemical products that are killing us all. I received this product in exchange for an honest opinion.

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La Beaute Pure Vitamin C Serum Review

Any of my loyal readers know that I am over the heels in love with Vitamin C serums, this one is no different in that regard, but it is different in that it also has Pure Vegan Hyaluronic Acid Serum *WITH: Ferulic Acid, Vitamin E, Amino Complex & Witch Hazel in it. All of these ingredients together combine to do a world of good on your face! This serum leaves your face feeling smooth and works right away to go fight against any fine lines or wrinkles that you may have. Also, works to fight impurities! It is also lightens dark spots left by acne scars or sun damage! Love this and its my go to!

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.