Bee Sili Silicone Oil & Sauce Bottle & Basting Brush Review

This is one of my favorite companies and this product did not disappoint! This product is a bottle to hold oil or barbeque sauce and baste with at the same time. You can store your sauce in this bottle too. It is a great size to hold a bunch! Easy to fill it up, easy to clean it and easy to use it. The top doesn’t clog with my crushed red peppers the way that some do, and my heartier thick sauces don’t stain the silicone or plastic on the bottle or brush! Super easy to clean it. My boyfriend loves this bottle because he can have all that he needs to put that yummy butter and garlic mixture on our steaks while grilling, without carrying a whole bunch of stuff in his already overloaded hands. This company gets my support and respect because of their attention to PTSD and training for caregivers of PTSD patients. The only way to reach the public is through awareness, and they are leading that fight. I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Get yours today, and support the fight by going to:

Bee Sili SUPER Silicone BBQ Grill Oven Gloves & Basting Brush Review

This company is amazing. They do a lot of work for PTSD patients and training for therapists. Now, I know this has nothing to do with the product, but that really spoke to me about the character of the company. Now onto the product itself. These gloves are amazing. Really cute, which would be a seller to the men, but its a hit for the women. They do come in black for the men though. The basting brush that comes with the gloves is very useful too. These aren’t just for handling hot objects but for cold too. Say you are scraping ice off your car windows in the winter time.
Here is what the company says about their product:
“Bee SAFE : PROTECTION from hot & cold * Fba approved, high grade textured silicone * Non-slip grip * Protect hands when scraping ice & snow from windshields * Handle hot objects, pots, pans & foods SAFELY * Tend the fireplace * Heat resistant up to 425 degrees F
•Bee THRIFTY: SAVE MONEY * Versatile * Flexible * Long lasting * Easy to clean, dish washer safe * Toss your worn out, stained fabric pot holders & replace with long lasting silicone gloves for greater protection
•Bee ECO Friendly: GOING GREEN is easy with durable, reusable silicone * Bpa free, non-toxic * Protect you & SAVE the environment
•Bee HAPPY: MAKE MEMORIES with family & friends * Handle hot & cold food & drinks for parties, holidays, campouts, cookouts * Enjoy your easy to use and maintain Fireplace, Oven, BBQ Grill Gloves & Bonus Basting Brush for years to come.
•Bee SATISFIED: LOVE GLOVES & Basting Brush or get 100% HASSLE FREE REFUND & keep the gloves! * BUY a second pair for a gift & you may qualify for FREE shipping!”

Get yours today at:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

And the Idiocy Continues- Ptsd Service Dogs 1075 radio

Sadly, I have more to report on this whole business of the veteran and his service dog being kicked out of a Kernersville, NC restaurant last week. A local radio station, 1075 KZL, has decided to run a “spoof” about services dogs this morning on their Jared and Katie in the morning show. A civilian dog was shown in the below picture and the man, who has already suffered enough prior to this, and a mockery was made of both the man and the entire service dog industry. A foolish tactic on the part of the radio station, and a lax marketing department are to blame, I am sure. 1075

To add more insult to injury the station posted this pic on their facebook page and of course people being who they are have started the running of their mouths in complete ignorance of the disease and of service dogs in general. I am not sure that this is the type of publicity that this radio station would want, but it is surely what they are getting.

Now lets imagine for a moment the man at the start of this. A man that publically has said that he wants no part of boycotting businesses that have wronged him. A man so pure of nature and so pure of heart that he can not hold the businesses to blame for their owners actions. I can’t be that good of a person. But imagine the hurt this man must now feel being made a mockery of on public radio. Disgraceful if you asked me, that a man who served to help protect this country and to fight for our rights is being drug through crap for a radio station to gather listeners. Surely, there are better ways.

Service dogs for PTSD are valuable in saving not only their owners but the people around them. I would much rather a person be alerted to when he may experience a problem and that alert allow him to step out of the situation than for their to be mass casualty due to his not knowing there was immanent danger. I think this may be the part that know it alls are forgetting. PTSD can be dangerous, even fatal, and not just to the person that has it.

This radio station’s website is their phone number is 1-800-682-1075 and their physical address is 192 E. Lewis Street Greensboro, NC. Have something to say to them? send them an email on their website, facebook, or call them, or write a letter. They must some how be held accountable to their error. I for one won’t be listening.

And to the Miller’s, I am terribly sorry that some people have no home training or manners.

PTSD and Mickey’s Cafe in Kernersville NC

dogI am livid. Just livid. So here is the low down of the story. This is the statement made on facebook by the man’s wife :

“Yesterday Ben & Felipe were at Mickeys(336-996-0676) of Kernersville having lunch with our grandson when the owner asked Ben to take Felipe outside that some folks had complained. Ben explained to her that he was a service dog and he was allowed to be in there. She argued and said only seeing eye dogs were allowed in there. She never offered to give his money back, he left. We have eaten there several times and restaurants all over the Piedmont and never a complaint. I called her and she argued with me the same, and then I called the police, and I have called the radio stations and newspapers. THIS IS WRONG! PLEASE call them and tell them this is wrong and that service dogs are allowed. THANK YOU!”

See here is the thing, Ben has PTSD from being in combat in Vietnam. Anyone know anything about PTSD? Well let me fill you in. The Mayo clinic has the definition listed as:
“Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.”

Now I will give you a personal description. PTSD destroys lives, not only of the people with it, but those around them. Imagine yourself in a place that you can’t feel safe at all, you constantly feel like something or someone is out to get you, then imagine that you know rationally that that is not true, but you can’t stop yourself from feeling that way. You have no idea how to make it stop. You cant rein in your emotions and you explode. Either you sit terrified in a corner and hide from the world or you kill people that care because you can’t differentiate between them and those out to get you. Now imagine that that can be all under control simply (and complexly) by having your TRAINED dog with you, the only thing in the world that you can trust. Now imagine that you are going about your business (with your trained support animal) when all of a sudden everyone in the room is talking about you, talking down to you. Saying that if you are so handicapped that you must have a dog with you, then you should stay at home. Now you are already feeling that everyone in the room is out to get you, then you realize that its no longer just a feeling. They truly are out to get you. They are being rude and nasty and ask you to leave. If this poor man never leaves the house again it won’t shock me. I know how he feels right now. This business should be ashamed of their actions during this and now their response to it. They have posted an apology above the gumball machine in their dining room. WOW! just wow!

Boycott this place, strip your business away and made a stand. This is one man, but this is a huge issue. A huge social problem that effects every single person in our society, whether you are personally afflicted by PTSD or not. It affects us all! ptsdGo to facebook and like this page, show your support. Show that you stand for people that can’t stand for themselves, even though some stood for our whole country.