Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask = Deep Cleansing + Radiant Glow Review

About this company:
“Pure & Essential Minerals

At Pure & Essential Minerals, we believe the most powerful and effective ingredients for the care of your skin come directly from nature. Pure & Essential Minerals products are manufactured using only natural and organic ingredients direct from the source. All of our skin care products are created to help restore the natural vitality and radiance of your skin.”

This mud mask feels completely amazing on your face! You can feel it going to work right away to clean and clear your face right up! I can feel the oil coming out of my skin, without feeling any dryness coming from it. Normally when you feel the oils going, you expect to feel some dryness, but not with this product. I have been suffering a pretty bad out break of acne lately and after one use of this mask, my skin is on the way to healing. The acne has dried up and started going away. My skin has been left glowing and healthy. I can’t get over the actual feel of the mud on my face. It takes me away to a vacation place in my mind at least. A true spa experience. Love it!
I have also put some on my son’s eczema. Right away we noticed a lessening of redness and this morning he realized that it didn’t itch quite as badly as it did before. That is a winner in my book!

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