True Medical Detective Stories Book Review

This is another great book by Cliff Meador, M.D.! It does get to be rather repetitive to the other book of his, but there are some new stories in there and his style is easily identifiable in this book. He has a clear concise way of writing that allows even the most simple of people to be able to understand his writing. That is a pleasure as I am surely no doctor. This book flows well and you are left wanting to know the ending of each story. I am sure there is a time or two in my life where I would have been proud to call this man my doctor. He seems to have a pleasant bed side manner and did all he could for his patients. This book gives tons of examples of that, but I am reviewing the book not the man. This book is great, easy to read and you just might learn a thing or two, which is always great for me. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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Symptoms of Unknown Origin Book Review

This book is a compelling look into the mind of a doctor that is trying to figure out what others couldn’t, in a time that those doctor’s didn’t have the knowledge and access to testing that is now popular. This book is written from the doctor’s viewpoint and shows us a picture of what suffering can look like and how that suffering can be put away. This doctor does a fabulous job of telling his stories in a way that lay people have no issues in understanding. I think I may have had to look up two terms in this book for definitions and that is pretty great in itself. Sometimes when doctors become authors they forget that regular people don’t know all these medical terms. This author does a great job in not using those terms or explaining them for us. This is a well written book and comes from a very knowledgeable viewpoint. I enjoyed every chapter and word. I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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