The sun shines somewhere, perhaps not here, but somewhere surely it shines. I look past the clouds and am struck by the stark reality that my grey maybe someone else’s light. What is the darkness for me maybe the only way that others can see. By the shady light of my direction someone else may flourish, as I drown. Someone else may come to understand the depths of despair that overflow my crowded heart. My love could heal wounds and cause others. The pain that I have always felt maybe joyous to others. Perception is the key in figuring out where I stand. My perception is warped, however, yours maybe too……………………………….


Thankful Today and Every Day

faceThere is no way that I am going to remember to post everyday this month. but I want to do it when I do remember. I have a lot to be grateful for. seriously could probably list a different thing each day for a year or more. I am humbled by having that much to be grateful for! Today, I am most grateful and humbled by this child that I get to share my life with. the one person that makes me try harder when I feel like giving up. The thing that makes me fight the hardest, even when I don’t feel like I have anything left to give. The one person that taught me that I could love someone so much that it hurt. The one person that taught me the joys of dancing when I didn’t think I could. The reason that I get up every morning, looking forward to a new day, and the reason I fall exhausted into bed every night. The reason that I push on and on and do more and more. I am blessed beyond measure, lucky beyond compare, to have each day with the one person that carries my whole heart in his little football jersey. Shawn Perry, you may never fully realize how much you mean to me and how grateful I am to raise you each day, but I realize it. Everyday, not just the days that I say it aloud.

Happy Breastfeeding Week! Let’s frankly discuss this!

allieMy cousin is a brave young woman, a mother, wife, friend, daughter, grand daughter, cousin, sister, and a ton of other things all in one little bitty body. She is amazing to me! This week is national breastfeeding week, and she has posted a photo on facebook of her and her beautiful daughter, while her daughter is having breakfast. I will post the photo now and let you take a look. There is nothing indecent in this photo, at least nothing to normal non-perverted people. This is a beautiful moment in time, captured for the world (as all photos on facebook are viewed by the masses), meant to promote the acceptance of breastfeeding. Although in the photo, the only thing my cousin is doing is feeding her daughter breakfast, there is rarely any controversy when I feed my son breakfast, so there shouldn’t be with her either.


I am just not believing that the entire rest of what I wrote just disappeared!

My entire point to this blog post is that people need to mind their own business, if you can’t trust your husband not to look, then get a new husband, if you have to explain things to your children, then explain then!!!!! Don’t make a mother feel ashamed or even try to make them feel ashamed for doing their job as a mother. I said this much more eloquently or more colorfully the first time that I typed it, but alas, my blog seems to delete things as it wants too. I am going to see if I can find the rest, but feel free to comment, or even challenge my view on this, I can promise they are more in favor than those against.