Side Window Car Sunshades Review

These are the cutest sunshades that I have seen for the car. Since starting to use these I no longer have to hear complaints from the backseat about the sun being in kid’s eyes. These are fun and playful and do some serious work to knock back the harmful rays and being that my son is extremely prone to sunburn, these shades go a long way in protecting his skin from the burn. These are easily mounted with the little suction cups and easy to remove. Being that I have a brand new car, these do nothing to tear up the car or leave any marks behind that can’t be cleaned with glass cleaner. These seem to be well made and are surely durable as my son has pulled them off the windows a dozen times to date. These are large enough for the window and work amazingly well. We love them! I Received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Velocity Boxing Big Size Inflatable Punching Bop Review

My son, my husband, and I have had way too much fun with this punching bop! From first inflation, which was so simple, to the actual punching it, this thing has been a joy to have. My son has some anger issues and this is a great, easy, and healthy way for him to be able to get all that out, without me or my walls suffering. My son plays football and this has been a great way for him to build upper body strength too. This thing is super sturdy, as my husband can punch it too and it just bounces right back. We did have an issue getting it to stand up, but once filled with water as it should be, we had no problem. I did attempt to contact the company about that issue, but they failed to respond to me. I figured it out myself though, and now I see that it is listed in the instructions on Amazon. Great, fun product to have and to use! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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We Love Colors Shoelaces Review


These shoelaces are fun and durable. My son likes to switch colors of shoelaces almost every day. These are fun and simple enough for him to use that he can now do that! I love that there are SO many colors and several styles as well. The website sells quite a variety of different products that all look amazing and fun, but I only tried out the wonderful shoe laces! My son was over the moon excited when I showed him. Being a kid, he has been rather rough on them but they have held up amazingly well. I even washed a couple pairs and there was no damage, no fraying and they still look just as they did when new. I highly recommend checking them out! I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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Bubble Therapy Pure & Natural Bubble Bath, 3 in 1 Review

This is one of the best smelling bubble baths I have used in a long time. I generally don’t use bubble bath as I feel that it isn’t really safe for the lady parts, but with this product being all natural and with only organic ingredients, I felt safe that it would not bother my more sensitive parts. This can be used as shampoo, bubble bath or just body soap. The lather is nice and fragrant and really cleansing. I felt as though I could float away in the tub as all my stresses melted away. The scent lingers on your skin long after your bath is over. The power of scent is strong and can work to remind you of this letting go of stress every time you smell it. The bottle is well made and click shuts firmly to avoid any spills and that makes storage a breeze! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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ValuePad 10 inch Tablet Review!

I needed a tablet pretty badly! I never liked the small ones that seem to disappear in my hand and I can’t read that tiny lettering on those anyways. This tablet is a great size, 10 inches and I have a super simple time reading the screen! It is lightweight enough to carry with you anywhere, and well made enough not to fall apart. It comes with a screen protector, which is so important to protect the screen from any damage, because we all know that accidents happen. It also comes packaged really well! Very secure!
I have had no problem with the screen freezing and I really believe that most days this tablet works way better than my laptop. (And is 1/4 of the price my laptop was!) The battery life is pretty amazing too. My husband took it to work with him and didn’t need to charge it all day with his intermittent usage. The camera gives a nice, clear picture as well. And it is dual, so it can take selfies with ease! I don’t know much about the workings of computer, but here is what the company says about that:
Android 4.4
•Cortex quad core CPU
•Powerful multicore graphic processors
•Dual Camera – front 0.3M, rear 2M
•HDMI output
•Bluetooth 4.0
•1G memory, 16GB storage
•Expandable storage with MicroSD cards or USB flash drives
•10 Points Multitouch Capacitive 1024 x 600 HD display
•Wireless 802.11 b/g/n
•USB port for external keyboards, mouse, Ethernet adapters, USB flash drives, joysticks, etc
•Individually tested
•1-Year limited warranty
•Preinstalled app: Screentime Parental control, Adobe Flash Player
AND!!!!!!!! it has a usb port!!!

For such a low price, I don’t have to feel bad if my kid wants to play on it either!

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion. I will be including a video of the working of the tablet later but apparently my equipment (laptop) is NOT wanting to work with me, go figure.

Lunch Bag Hango – Set of Two Sizes (Small &Large) Review

Set of 2!! YAY! These lunch bags are so insulated! I forgot a bottle of water in there for a couple of days and it was still cold! Being 2 of these, there is one for me and one that is smaller that is perfect for my son to take his lunch to school too, if the ones I got weren’t pink, so I had to give that one to my niece. But they work wonderfully and she was glad to have it. That size is just perfect for smaller kid’s lunches. The larger one is perfect for adults lunch. They are well made, of great quality materials and made to last. The handle at the top is ideal for carrying them to and fro. These are really pretty, aesthetically pleasing bags too. These would make a great gift for someone because they do come in a handy gift type bag. The whole presentation of this product from box to table is beautiful! Love it! You can tell that this is a company that truly cares about their products and their customers. A+ in my book! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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NEW 3DS XL Case Review

This case is pretty cool. It protects the ds, while giving plenty of slots for storing games and cords. It is really sturdy and well made of good quality materials. The zipper part even seems to be a good quality, not sticking or anything genuinely annoying that some cases do. The strap is handy for the kids to just slide on their wrist so that they can carry other things, or on their shoulder like a purse, while the game is protected of course. The outer material is made so that water doesn’t get through to the system and instead kind of rolls off. The inside is made with the microfiber stuff so your screen doesn’t get scratched. Overall, it is very functional and fits your game well, on any ds system.
I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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Acu-Life True Easy Syringe Review

This is a dosing syringe for medication dosing. It is a super handy thing to have in a home with children or pets. It has never been more simple to give either one medications than with this syringe. Some products like this one give me a fit because with arthritis my hands don’t always work so well, so the actual mechanics of the syringe have to be smooth and simple to work. This one is amazingly fluid in motion and works flawlessly every time. The parts don’t get gummed up, so to speak, and it just works the way that it should. So even when fighting a squirming child/pet, you can get the meds that they need into them with minimal fuss. LOVE IT!!!! I received this product as part of a promo in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Sun’n’Fun Broad Spectrum SPF30 Sunscreen for Kids Review

Sunblock is so important and this brand makes it simple to use and being organic you get to feel so much better then smearing nasty chemicals all over your kids! The lotion type sunblock dries clear and is not greasy at all. The tube that it is in is easy to store and easy to use. It is sturdy and well made. It says that it smells like marshmallow and chocolate, which I was skeptical to begin with, but then I smelled it! It really smells that way and my son loves it! I am really sensitive to the sun and wear sunblock everyday. Although this is a kids sunblock, I still used it and it worked as intended. Which is awesome! My skin feels amazing after I use it and my child, who has eczema is not bothered by this product at all. This product also contains antioxidants that reduce free radicals and keep you looking young. It can never be too soon to start caring for your skin. The price of this product is a bit higher than others, BUT it more than makes up for it with the good feeling that comes from using organics! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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Boston Sport Jump Rope Review

I used to love jumping rope when I was a child, and I found out with this jump rope that I still do! (granted not often or for long, but it does feel good to get a bit of wind in your lungs.) My son uses this jump rope mainly and while it is not exactly for kids we have found with a quick flip around his wrists its small enough for him and still big enough for me. Also, aside from doing it that way, its is actually adjustable and takes no time to adjust! That is perfect! Jumping rope is a great way to get your body moving and help you lose a little weight too, while still having some fun. This is a very durable rope, which is great because our last one didn’t last five minutes with my son. This one is still taking a beating and shows no signs of use at all! That is a sheer testimony to the quality of materials used in this one. We love this one! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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