Jack Templar, Monster Hunter Book Review

When I first agreed to review this book, I thought, “Well, I love to read and this will be a fun story for me.” What I had not bargained for was the 7 hour road trip with two little boys. I had a thought. I would read this book to them, they won’t like it but maybe they will be quiet and listen at least. My son needs all the reading comprehension practice he can get, so this was a great way to do that. (without the two, my son and my nephew, driving absolutely crazy going down the road.) The kids absolutely were riveted by this story, my boyfriend was too! Then upon reading more of the story to them all in my aunt’s car, she became enthralled too. So, lets say that this book piqued interest in generations from age 5-70! That is so impossible, but yet this author did just that with the story of young Mr. Jack Templar! The story is just scary enough to make the kids want to listen without being so scary that they have nightmares. The story is well written and very descriptive, allowing your imagination to draw in the pictures for you. The cover is amazingly artistic and wonderful enough to draw kid’s attention to it on the shelf. My son took this book to school to share with his class, that is how awesome he thought it was. I begged the author for more! You really must go get this book and share with the ones that you love, really what better quality family time can you have? I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

(There will be more installments of this review to come as soon as I have the chance to read them to my family, the author is so amazing!!!!)

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