Valdler Elegant Hat Review

This has to be one of the best hats to play dress up with or for whatever you use hats for. This would be great for church as well. This hat is well made and looks outstanding. The materials that the hat is made from are of good quality and seem to be made to last. I love how there are so many color choices and every one looks just as amazing as the last. This is a really great hat! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Camo Trucker Hat Green – Hunting Gifts Review

My kid loves hats, this one being no exception. He loves camo too, so this was a winner all around. From the moment I pulled it out of the box, he screamed and then put it on! It is well made and has a nice mesh on it that allows for his head to breathe and not get quite so sweaty. It is made of great, quality materials and appears that it will hold up pretty well. This would make a great gift for the avid outdoorsmen on your gift list. It weighs almost nothing, so it wouldn’t add extra weight to your head while hiking, and of course, the camo keeps the animals from seeing you so you can sneak up on them easily. It has a band around the inside that will keep sweat from dripping in your eyes and stinging them. It appears to work well for that, my son has had no issues with it. The great adjustable back means that it will fit any head with ease, and be as snug as you need it to be. We tested this out on my husband’s big head and then my son’s tiny head. It fit both wonderfully! This is a great hat! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Orange Camo Trucker Hat Review

These hats are well made of good materials, my son dropped it in mud and it rinsed clean away. That is no easy feat! My son loves hats, so I try to review everyone that I can find, this was a natural in the line up! It is really for hunting and the like, but he like it just to wear. The meshy part keeps his head from being all sweaty and gross, while still looking great. Now obviously, he can’t really hide too well with that bright orange, but that bright orange would be a great safety feature for the avid hunter so that they don’t get accidently shot by their buddies. The hat is really light too, so it is easy while my son attempt to hold up his big old head. This is a great hat for hunting or anything else that you would choose to use it for. We love it! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

I have another upcoming review for this brand and a different hat, so keep yours eyes open for that!

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