Cree LED Flashlight with Magnetized Base Review

This is the coolest flashlight that I have had in quite a while. The bottom/handle part lights up almost like a lantern, giving off plenty of light if you need to work on the car in the dark or anything else that you need to get done when there is inadequate light. I keep mine in the car and its right there should I need it. The red light part is great if you are stuck beside the road in the dark and don’t want to get run over. Sadly, that happens everyday and this is a great way for the other people to be able to see you. I love the magnetic base too, as I can stick it where I need it and have my hands free. The wrist strap is great to carrying the light when your hands are full. It is made of great, quality, made to last materials and I love the sleek design. It is great that it is simple to use too, as I am not very mechanically inclined, especially if I am stuck by the road! I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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Wholeness Pet Auto Barrier Review

There is nothing better to keep your pet safe in the car and off of your gearshift, than this product here! Made of really tough material, this pet auto barrier fit easily between the seats of my Honda Passport and my boyfriend truck too! It has adjustable straps that fit most anywhere. I really like the pockets on this thing that hold whatever you need it too. The air is still able to move through the meshy part, so your best friend doesn’t sit in the back and shiver or sweat. This is an ideal addition for anyone wanting to keep their pet safe. Think, you are in a seat belt but they aren’t, this will at least keep them from flying through the car and hitting in the front if you have an accident, and that is the least you can do for your friend. I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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