Life Advice from the Studying Psychologist’s Couch

My words of advice for the day:
1. If you walk away from a person, be kind enough to let them go.
2. Every choice has consequences, make sure that those consequences are ones that you can live with.
3. Don’t show someone with nothing to lose how crazy you are. They can out crazy you on 34 levels IF they choose to.
4. Don’t walk away from something without giving it your best effort. In the end you can always say that at least you tried.
5. If you have tried and it still failed, be smart enough to walk away.
6. While walking away, remember that the kindest thing you can say sometimes is nothing at all.
7. When looking in the mirror remember that you are always harder on yourself than others will ever be on you.
8. Walk through life in such a way that people never forget you, but so that those memories are good ones.
9. When all things look down, remember to look UP. There is a reason for all the suffering, even if you can’t yet see it.
10. In the end, nothing really matters, be assured that if things still matter to you, that it is not the end.




The sun shines somewhere, perhaps not here, but somewhere surely it shines. I look past the clouds and am struck by the stark reality that my grey maybe someone else’s light. What is the darkness for me maybe the only way that others can see. By the shady light of my direction someone else may flourish, as I drown. Someone else may come to understand the depths of despair that overflow my crowded heart. My love could heal wounds and cause others. The pain that I have always felt maybe joyous to others. Perception is the key in figuring out where I stand. My perception is warped, however, yours maybe too……………………………….

Queen of Hearts

hairI was dealt the queen of hearts. To hold for life. Let the cards fall where they may. This is just a game we all play. Win or lose it doesn’t matter. The living is in the playing. The hearts we hurt, the lives we destroy and rebuild all take an untold toll on our souls. The game never ends. The choice to play is yours but in the end the one you are left with is the one staring back in the mirror. The naked face that flashs the depths of the soul. The shell of a person that fate no longer holds. All we are left with is our own poisoned selves.

La Magie Hair Serum Review

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Pretty Girl


See this pretty girl right here?
There is a wealth of emotion behind those green eyes.
A world of hurt that no one knows.
Damaged, perhaps beyond repair.
Yet, she tries to repair everyone else.
She sets her life goal so high to please you all.
She pretends that she is happy to soothe you.
She allows the wrongs done to pile up till she can’t breathe.
She refuses to give up.
She refuses to let go.
She refuses to stop believing that she can do it all.
That she can matter.
That one day she will be the one that is important.
Until that day she waits.
She smiles.
She loves.
She cares when no one else can.
She helps, even when it hurts.
Most of all, she stands strong, ready to face more pain.
Although, she has already taken more than her share.
She waits for the day that it will matter.
She waits.

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A few things to ponder:

1. Everyone has choices and everything is a choice. Why should I, or anyone else, feel badly about the choice that you made? Or try to fix that choice? No one feels badly for my choice and I have to fix them myself when I screw up. It’s called personal responsibility.

2. The easy way is never the best way. What do you learn if everything comes so simple? Nothing at all. You don’t learn through simplicity, you don’t grown through it either. You learn and grow through complexity.

3. In life you must always put forth more effort than you are even aware that you have. You have to constantly drive for what you want. Sometimes all that energy has to be poured into simply getting up that day. That is ok too. Do whatever it takes to get things done.

4. People say that you will only regret the things that you didn’t try. I don’t think this is true. I never tried crack or meth and I don’t think I will ever regret that decision either.

5. Perspective rules all. It is not what you go through but how you see it that dictates what you feel about it. No one, I repeat No one, can take away from you what you do not give them, either by action on your part or inaction.

6. It is not required of you that you know and understand everything. What is required of you is that you stay open enough to try to understand it.

7. It is not your job to figure out the meaning of life. That is on your God, or the universe, whatever your belief is. What is on you is to infuse your life with meaning. Put as much into your life as you expect to get back out of it. You may not get it back right away, but you will get it back when you need it most.

8. Understand that not everything is about you. Sometimes other people go through things, so what they are doing to you has nothing to do with you in particular. The easiest person for us to vent on is the one closest to us. It doesn’t make it right, but it does make it forgivable.

9. Fear drives every single thing we do. From the moment of birth to death. We do what we do, think what we think, and strive for what we strive for, all because of a fear of something. If you will examine motives for anything that you or anyone else has done or thought, you will find that the common denominator is fear. Control that fear and you can remove your anxiety. But that takes letting go of a really comfortable zone.

10. Live each day. Don’t waste time wishing you could do this or that. Do what you can, right now.

If you made it all the way through this then you may finally understand why I have so much trouble sleeping at night. Have a great day people!