Baby Nautical Month Stickers Review


These are the cutest stickers that are so well made. They would look amazing in a baby book or on pictures. I got them for a friend of mine who is currently pregnant with a little boy. Looking around on their site here
I see a ton of really great sticks, for first holidays, first month and you can get them custom made just like you want them. But that isn’t all they make, and I wish I had known this for my kid’s last birthday, but they make custom cake toppers too! They also make custom tags, gift tags, candles and the cupcake toppers. How awesome is that! Now I can’t wait until my child’s next birthday. There is no simpler way that I can think of to plan a party than these custom items.

My review was to be about the stickers, but I got on their site and got excited. Forgive me readers! I received these stickers in exchange for my honest opinion, they are fabulous! And I think this company has a customer for life now!!!!!!