Glow 2 Go Self Tanning Wipes Review

Just a little background for this product: These are self-tanning towelettes. They are intended to be a one time use, half a body at a time wipe that applies the tan coloring to your skin.

This product is terrific! There are 20 in the box which is awesome and a great value. They are easy to work with all around, easy to get out of the box, the individual half body package and easy to apply to your skin! It is so easy to get it right with this product. I have never used a self tanner that I didn’t turn out orange with and this one didn’t turn my streaky colors. WIN! Doing half of my body at the time, I also didn’t end up with uneven coloring due to a dried out wipe. There is nothing orange looking about this product at all and that is hard to imagine with it going on my pasty white skin. I was skeptical and now I am blown away! I wouldn’t say that I have a Hawaiian gold tan, but a nice subtle warmer color on these sun starved legs is really nice. The smell of this product is also a nice improvement over the chemical smells of other like products. Really with these offering a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the results, there is on way you can lose with this! I love these. I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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