“I Love My Dog Shampoo” by Lovely Fresh Review

This doggie shampoo smells wonderful! My doggie friends seem to think so too, as they no longer smell like sweaty, stinky, wet dogs. And the best part from my view is that the scent doesn’t just evaporate when they dry. You can really still smell the freshness much later. The doggies skin looks better, not all itchy and their coats are all shiny and glossy. NO more itching for them, which is amazing because that always bothers me, they look uncomfortable itching, so it is nice to have a shampoo that doesn’t cause more. IT lathers nicely in a rich foam, making it easier to use on wiggly dogs and easier to rinse clean quickly. Which is also wonderful for wiggly doggies. No one really wants the dog bathing process to last any longer than it does, as it is often torture for all concerned. This product is also a natural flea and tick repellant, which is awesome! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

I love their money back guarantee too!

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Pet Handheld Massaging Mitt Product Review

My cat loves this thing. I wish I had remembered to take a pic! The rubber parts apparently feel really great on his fur and skin. They are pretty great at pulling off the pieces of fur that always get down into my carpet before they get that far too. Kitty Perry thinks that I am just rubbing him, but the whole time I am removing aggravating dander that makes me sneeze. This is a great product, well-made, great quality materials and my cat actually loves it. That is rare. This mitt is big enough for my husband’s hands and still not so big that my son can’t use it too. That means that the whole family can participate in grooming Kitty and he thinks he is just getting loved on. Love it! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Angry Orange Pet Odor Remover Review

Let me start by saying I love the name of this product! I pictured the orange on the bottle before I ever saw it! I have rental property and if one of my tenants has a pet I have to try to get the smell out prior to re-renting it. I have used many products over the years, but none that measure up to this one. The smell is literally gone with just a few sprays. This is a concentrated solution, so you have to dilute it and mix it with water, which I did in a spray bottle for easier use. And for this low cost, it makes up to a gallon of solution! That is an amazing deal! This is a non-toxic solution that I can use even in my own home, even with kids rolling around on the floors (and else where). It is made from orange peels and has an amazing orange scent that I adore. I have even used this in my sink to get rid of that smell that accumulates there from time to time. I use it as a bathroom cleaner as well, because again I love the scent and it does well to cut down the stench of little boy bathroom issues. (I can’t be the only one that goes through those!) I used this while cleaning out my cat’s litter box and you literally could not even tell that the litter box had ever even been used, it eliminated the smell that well! This is truly a fabulous product! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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Wholeness Pet Auto Barrier Review

There is nothing better to keep your pet safe in the car and off of your gearshift, than this product here! Made of really tough material, this pet auto barrier fit easily between the seats of my Honda Passport and my boyfriend truck too! It has adjustable straps that fit most anywhere. I really like the pockets on this thing that hold whatever you need it too. The air is still able to move through the meshy part, so your best friend doesn’t sit in the back and shiver or sweat. This is an ideal addition for anyone wanting to keep their pet safe. Think, you are in a seat belt but they aren’t, this will at least keep them from flying through the car and hitting in the front if you have an accident, and that is the least you can do for your friend. I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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CLD Brands Dog Pet Cat Grooming Brush Product Review


This pet grooming brush from CLD Brands is amazing. The dog above was not matted badly, but was in need of a good brushing. Look at all the hair that brush took off of him. Lucky was like a brand new dog after that brushing. My sister-in-law did some grooming at PetSmart a few years ago and she says that this inexpensive brush works better than all the brushes that they had there! That is really saying something. The wide head on this brush allows for maximum space for brushing without hurting the dog (or cat). It is not easy to find a brush that you can boast like that about. It really goes under the top layer to get the bottom layer brushed out evenly. This will be a go to from here on out. I received this product in exchange for an honest opinion.

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