Pest Repeller Review

I recently moved into a 100 year old house, so this item was perfect. I see no pest evidence here, but with this product I hope NOT to see any either. It is so simple to use, you plug it in the wall and forget about it. That is my kind of product for sure. I like simple and easy. I really like that you can target the specific pest that you want to get rid of. For example, in this house I am not worried about mosquitos, ants, roaches or bats, but I am worried about mice, because well its a 100 year old house, rats like those. Well, we don’t have rats here, but mice, tiny field mice. The cat works on those too, but there is always a concern with that too, moving on. This unit does much more though! It removes odors from the air too! And it does work for that, well! I am sensitive to smells so this is important to me. This one unit is enough for my entire house, which works out great because you really wouldn’t want this in every room. I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

Here is the product description, as I am sure that you guys would want to know these things. This is straight from the seller:
“Do you have an troublesome pest problem to solve but want to avoid poisons or chemical use in your home?

You can target mice, squirrels, bats, ants, roaches, mosquitoes and other pests with a BrillanteTM electronic pest repeller using any one or more of the four built-in functions:

-Ultrasonic sound wave creation (intended to disturb and drive away pests with sounds outside the spectrum audible to humans)

-Electromagnetic field alteration (to repel in-wall insects sensitive to electromagnetic variations)

-Negative ion generator (to reduce airborne particles, microbes and odors that help attract pests)

-O3 / ozone unit (for reducing indoor bacteria and virus levels)

Convenient switches on each side of the pest repeller allow you to switch on or off each of the 4 functions at will and subtle LED lights let you know which functions are active (the ultrasonic function should be switched off if near pet rodents, results vary for dogs by age/breed).

COVERAGE: Ultrasonic function intended for use in a single room up to 6996 square feet. Additional units may be needed to target rodents in more than one room with ultrasonic sound waves. Negative ion and O3 functions intended for areas up to 861 sq. ft.

One unit is enough to provide electromagnetic coverage throughout the house (based on in-wall wiring).

INSTALLATION IS SIMPLE & EASY: Just plug into a wall outlet and switch on the functions you want to use. Can be combined with additional non-toxic repellents such as peppermint oil and even traps to catch pests driven out of hiding.

RISK-FREE PURCHASE: We want you to know we back our products with great customer service and our 60 day guarantee (days from delivery) that if you’re not happy with your BrillanteTM pest control product we’ll make it up to you with a no-hassle full refund.”

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