The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly Book Review

This book was such a great read! Dr. McCarthy had his trials and tribulations and still made it through. It is an inspirational book on that end and also gives us an intimate peek into the makings of a doctor. No one is born into any position and no one becomes anything over night, and I think that some how we believe that doctors should have always known everything and it is clear from this one person’s personal account that it is harder than it appears to the rest of us. It is work and this book clearly explains so many emotions and feelings that go into this “job”. Dr. McCarthy’s writing style is refreshing, knowledgeable and honest. The whole world could do with a great dose of honesty. Great book! I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion of it.

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Furry Logic, 10th Anniversary Edition Book Review


This is the most adorable book of relative facts that we all should remember when dealing with life as it comes at us. I can’t get over how adorable each page is and how well put together the book is. The best part to me about this book is that it is small, I can stick it on the back of my toilet so that my guests can grab it quickly and gather the same inspirations and insights that I have, just by reading this book. Being that it is a quick read, it is entertaining without being annoying. Win all the way around. The illustrations in this book are top notch, as well. I just love it all! You simply must read this book and have one for your household!

I received this book from Blogging for books for the purpose of review.

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Big Slice Apples Review and Giveaway


As a big girl I thoroughly enjoy my food, so when offered a product to review that is food, I get really excited. What I ended up with was a box full of yumminess that my kid adores! I didn’t even get more than a taste of these! BUT when trying to get your kid to eat right, this is such a simple way to do it. These pouches of yummy goodness come in many different flavors and are a brilliant way to get you or your kids to eat right on the go. These are under 100 calories for each pouch, adding some serious flavor into your diet. Every flavor is amazing! The flavors include: natural, blueberry pomegranate,cherry vanilla, banana mango & hemp seed, pineapple passion fruit & fiber, or raspberry hibiscus & green coffee extract boysenberry chocolate and cinnamon French toast. Each flavor as yummy as the last. We also mixed these in yogurt for an extra blast of goodness. So simple to toss in your bag for travel and easy for your kids to eat with little mess. We recently went on vacation and took these as a simple, good for you snack that the kids loved.

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Misdiagnosed, When Bipolar Truly Isn’t Bipolar

I was misdiagnosed. I was lead to believe that I was dysfunctional for years. At the age of 17, I got mad. I got mad at a crappy life. I got mad at my choices and everyone else’s. I threw a table at my mother, full of stuff. See she had been running around with MY boyfriend. She had been selling drugs to people I knew, and I couldn’t have a “normal” life. She was dysfunctional. Now, I don’t blame her for everything, see in her way she was trying to protect me, to insulate me from something she thought was going on. See how that can make a teenager’s emotions a bit turbulent. Left with nothing but pain and desperation, I turned violent. She had me committed to a mental institution. Good old Holly Hill, for those that know Raleigh. Of course they wanted to please my mother, so that the insurance money continued to pour in. They wanted to have that bed filled and they couldn’t do that if I was just a normal person having normal reactions to absurd circumstances. So they diagnosed me, at the time, with Manic Depression, now called Bipolar Disorder. They medicated me into a stupor, saying that they would work with me until I felt “normal”. Little did I know that this would turn into 13 years of stupor, self-induced hell (because I continued to take the meds), poor decisions, and most of all, a victim. A victim to big pharma, a victim to the people around me, boyfriends, friends, circumstance, and most of all a victim of family. They medicated away my desire to be happy, replaced with a barely breathing existence.
I felt no emotions for 13 years. Do you know what that is like? To be so medically induced into nothingness that you are not even existing? Things and people came and went around me, and I was a non-involved bystander. IN MY OWN LIFE!!!!!! People did things to me (I am not disclosing the extent of the years of torture in this post, maybe at another time) unspeakable things that any other person would have been outraged at. Me? I was indifferent, oh well there is another script to go get. The doctor says that I need it, so I must run and get it and allow myself back into the void. NO! That is no way to live.
I stood up, I said no more. I had nothing left, not even myself to turn to. I reached out to those around me, just to be shoved down and ignored. After all, the person that you step on all their life isn’t the first one that you run to when they are screaming out for help. Better to ignore the “crazy” girl. I was done. I was done with everyone around me and most of all I was done with big pharma. It was hard coming off all those chemicals that twisted my brain into mush. It was hard breaking the cycle of doctor induced drug dependency. But it was worthwhile. I didn’t go crazy, I didn’t die, that is what they always tell you, don’t stop taking this med without your doctor’s advice, well the doctor had led me astray for so long, who was he to now tell me anything? I did not have much to lose anyways, I lived dead for 13 years, what did I care at that point if I did die. It took months or maybe an entire year to work every single med out of my system, out of my brain, out of my heart and out of my life. But I did it.
Now, 5 years after that fateful decision, I live a life I couldn’t even muster up the energy to dream about before. I LIVE! I am happy, I am sad, I am angry, I am depressed, I am elated, I am all those emotions plus ten thousand more that I can’t think of right now. The stuff that “normal” people feel, I now feel. I AM ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!
Big pharma couldn’t do that. I did that. See I think that the proper diagnosis would have been Crappy Life Syndrome coupled with Bad Decisions and parent issues. I didn’t have bipolar at all. I couldn’t medicate away my problems. I had to change my external world before my internal order could be appropriate. I had to let go of the idea that my parents were supposed to be perfect, that some how they should be Gods guiding me through life. They weren’t, God rest their souls, they weren’t. They couldn’t be, they didn’t have it in them. I am not perfect either, I have made HUGE mistakes that still haunt me, decisions that turned disastrous. But that was the past. And the thing about the past is that is where it belongs, in the past. Your past has absolutely no bearing on your future.
This is not a call to disbelieve all psychiatrists and doctors. This is a call to question what you are told. To question what other circumstances you have going on, to question the treatment that they propose to you. You don’t have to follow blindly every order. There are treatments that are outside of that box. This is what drives me every single day to further my education. The ultimate goal being to be that psychologist that says, “Try this herb, this therapy, this alternate treatment” DO NOT FOLLOW BLINDLY! Do your homework, there is no doctor anywhere that lives YOUR life. You do, so take the interest in it that you need to. I wish that I had been told all this, I wish I would have known and not wasted so many years. But I did and I don’t think that I would know now what I do, if I hadn’t been done the path that I have.
Love to all my readers, thanks for putting up with me.

Some Days all You Can Do is Smile!

busNo matter what has gone on in your day, cat busted the screen out of your window, while knocking everything off your desk and breaking your printer, no matter, just smile. Kid bouncing off the walls, can’t get homework done? Just smile. Just smile because no matter what, you are still here, you are still breathing and living to keep moving. JUST SMILE!