Flexible Cutting Boards Review

I know that you can use any cutting board to get the job done, but when you are wanting to pour what you have cut into the pot to cook, using a stiff or wood cutting board is not the simplest way to go. These flexible bend right up to funnel whatever you have cut and make it easier to pour where you want it! I love that I no longer have to fight with stiff or often heavy boards to get what I have chopped, cut or diced into a pot to cook. This set makes my life so much easier. Being made of silicone, I feel that these are cleaner and safer than the wooden alternatives as well. These look really neat hanging in a kitchen too, if I had any wall space to do that, that is. These also store easily (because they are flat) under my utensil holder in a drawer. I really like that this set has the little vegetables on each board so that even if there happens to be any bacteria left on them, you know not to cut something else on it. I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Kuuk Silicone Ice Cube Tray (Twin Pack) Review

Growing up we had those hard plastic ice trays that always seemed to crack under pressure. These silicone ice cube trays are way better than those. They are flexible, so that no matter how you wring and twist them to get the cubes out, they don’t break. They are almost impossible to stain too, so yea for Kool-Aid ice cubes! (If you aren’t making those ice cubes in the summer at least, then you aren’t living!) Clean up of these is so simple, just rinse out and they are ready to go again! You can even use these to make Jello squares! Having arthritis makes it difficult sometimes to do things with my hands, but these trays are simple to use, even in the mornings when I have the most problems. You need these!!!! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Just Bamboo 3 Piece Cutting Board Set Review

These look terrific! The first thing that I wanted to do was decorate my kitchen walls with them. I have never seen a set of cutting boards that looked so great. The handle on them is super handy. They are lightweight, meaning that it is simple to move them around to where you need them and simple to carry them, even if you have a handful of other items. You can choose the size that you need and fit almost anything on them. I didn’t know prior to getting these that bamboo had natural properties to fight bacteria, that is awesome, I have always been weary of cutting boards because of this fact alone. NO more of that. I love these! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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100% Copper Mug for Moscow Mule Review

This is such a beautiful mug, that I almost can’t believe just how functional it is too! The company states that “it is the perfect size for a cocktail” and I would imagine that it is, but being that I don’t drink cocktails, I wouldn’t know. What I do know is that my Diet Mountain Dew never tasted better than out of this mug and it stayed nice and cold for quite some time! I love how the outside of the mug frosts up, meaning that I get a cold drink from the inside outside, inside, ha! I love how this one came with a ton of drink recipes included, which I will have to try out! (On others of course!) This mug looks sleek and stylish and really adds a classy look to any get together or party. I love how it fits in my hand and the handle is handy to have! I really love this mug! (And to know that a person actually made it, not all machines is pretty awesome too!) I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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Solid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop Review

We are serious ice cream lovers in my house! We always have had troubles with the ice cream being too hard and the scoop being too weak. No more though, with this super strong scoop! This scoop just glides right through the hardest ice cream and when paired with hot water, there is no ice cream that it doesn’t work on. It doesn’t bend or break like others that I have had and it is super easy to clean and store as well. Even my 8 year old can now scoop his own ice cream with ease. The soft rubber grip handle is easy on my arthritic hands. This thing also has a LIFETIME! guarantee! Now where have you ever seen an ice cream scoop that was that sure of itself? This one is and for good reason! I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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Francois et Mimi Vintage Double Wall French Press Review

These are not my favorite posts to do, but as I don’t need my rankings to go down, I must do them. This is for a double wall French coffee press, that I sadly never received. It is hard to review something that you didn’t get. I emailed the company and never heard back. I can say that this product would have been amazing, judging by the other products this company sells that I have tried. I just can’t say for sure on this one.

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Had I received this product it would have been in exchange for my honest opinion.

SalsaCrazy Bloody Mary Mix Review

This mix is hot, just as it says. I smell the hotness at the first opening of the bottle. Fortunately that is the point and my husband completely loves this mix. I have never found another quite like it, there are so many out there but this one has a unique flavor to it, possibly the habanero. I like that it has no added fillers in it. My husband is crazy about the taste. The bottle is well made and it really does make the PERFECT bloody mary. It is so easy to make a drink with this, add ice and alcohol and Viola! A drink fit for a king, my king. The bottle is huge! You can get a lot of drinks out of this one mix! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion. This is a wonderful company that has top notch customer service, that is always a win in my book.

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Pastry Blender Review

My kitchen needed this product. I have a hard time getting thicker batters to mix and with this handy product, I no longer have that problem. Even the thickest of batters and doughs are no match for this hand held blender. The stainless steel blades just cut right through the dough, and make it so that the product won’t rust! The handle makes it super easy to grip this tool and use it as you should, even for those with arthritis like me. It doesn’t hurt my hand at all, even with the toughest of mixing jobs. I have never had an easier time of mixing wet and dry ingredients to get a nice even mixture that is so important for pastries. Now off to the kitchen to make chicken pastry for the family! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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HOT + SWEET Smoked Spanish Paprika Powder Review

This set comes with 2 normal spice size jars of paprika. One wouldn’t figure that to be too exciting, but I love to cook, so this excited me beyond belief! These come in well made, sturdy jars, that are visually appealing and easy to store. The labels are handsomely made and look great all together. The flavor of the two different paprikas though? That is where the true wonderful story lies. The first is sweet smoked, which is more to my taste buds, pairs well with ANYTHING that you would generally put paprika on, but this one adds that hint of smokiness to it, without being overpowering. There is a bit of sweet taste to it as well. These both are complicated flavors that play well with just about any meat dish that I tried to use it with. The hot smoked was my husband’s favorite and he paired it with chicken wings, for a hint of smoked flavor and a lot of heat flavor. These spices are terrific and a top on spice list! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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Big Easy Brands Infuser Bottle Review

This is a very well made, large bottle. The interior doesn’t stain and washes clean every time. At least as far as I have seen. The middle part where the fruit goes is large enough for several pieces or several kinds of fruit, as my family likes a good mix. Water is so important to drink and this bottle makes it taste so great that you will want to drink it. This bottle makes it easy to carry with you, anywhere you have to go. Great to have at work, the beach, the park, or anywhere really. The top closes securely so you have no leaking mess. The bottle is BPA free and lead free, so no worries about these nasty chemicals leaching into your good for you water. That makes me feel better about using the bottle or letting my kids use it. Flavored water is expensive to buy, this is a great way to save money and still get the taste that you want. My family loves it! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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