3Pcs Set Decorative Collapsible Storage Boxes, Closet Drawer Organizers Review

These storage boxes/ drawer organizers are so useful. I have mine beside my desk on a metal shelf and use them to store my school textbooks and notebooks, so that they are within reach and easy to find when I need them. These are a perfect solution for what was quickly becoming an intolerable problem of the book I needed always being the one on the bottom of this unorganized, messy looking stack of books. This is a much better solution that looks soooooooooo much better! I can now find what I am looking for with ease. These look terrific as well. They are very sturdy, obviously, or they wouldn’t be able to hold my books. They fold up easily to store away when I don’t need them. I could see being able to use them for a wide variety of things. I really like that these come in three sizes, as a set, so that you can get the maximum variety of use out of them. I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Mustace Decals/ Vinyl Disorder Review

mThis is a product review for vinyl mustache decals. These things are so cool, I haven’t decided quite what to do with them yet, but I have a million ideas! I am thinking the closet door in my bathroom would be a great place. Just for the sake of review, I placed one on the bottom bowl part of my pedestal sink, just to see how it would wear. Well, it didn’t peel or crack or move at all! Then when I removed it, it came right off. That is so awesome! The website http://www.vinyldisorder.com/ are the ones that made them, and they can custom make any wall decal that you want! So awesome! You really should check them out for yourself. I am thinking getting some made with the families names on them to put on the walls in the living room, or the doors to our rooms.

These don’t have to just be limited to going on walls though. Think bicycles, the front or back of your car, really just about any surface!
I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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