Elite Man Multivitamins Review

My husband is the world’s worst for eating terribly and not getting the vitamins that he needs, especially during a long, hard work week. He also is awful at taking the vitamins that he needs. Mine can’t be the only one like that. Well these vitamins are easy for him to take, smaller than most that he can’t swallow and he doesn’t mind taking them. WIN! These give him a boost of energy that he is surely needing as he is getting older. I love that these has 1000 units of greens in them, because I can’t get him to eat much of that either. It is amazing how they get all these needed things into these pills and still have them so small that my husband doesn’t mind them. I love that the bottle is also rather manly looking, so he doesn’t mind tossing them in his suitcase when he travels. It is nice to have a blend that is specifically for him. And of course the money back guarantee is nice too! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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