Rear View Monitor Mirror Review

This is a review for a monitor that goes on your computer or your tv, so that you can see behind you while still facing forward.

This really comes in handy for me. It fits on my computer or my tv and allows me to see everything behind me. My cat can’t sneak up on me anymore and scare the life out of me. This is easy to use, easy to put on your screen and easy to see out of, while not being too terribly distracting to what you are trying to get done. I am a big scaredy person, and this mirror enables me to see what is going on without having to turn around all day long. This is an essential tool to anyone that works at home or office in front of the computer all day long. Who wouldn’t want to see that creepy co-worker sneaking up behind you before he scares you senseless? Or the person that you are gossiping about walking up mid-gossip, so you can hurry up and stop talking about them? I can see this product saving drama in the office and keeping me from screaming at my cat. Awesome! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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