Lavender Eye Pillow Review.

Can we talk about heaven people? This pillow is heaven for my achy head. My sinuses tend to give me untold trouble. This pillow eases some of the pain off and allows me to relax in ways that I haven’t been able to find in any other product. This has to be the most amazing way that I have found to use aromatherapy and the most easy. I can literally feel my stress and worry melt away as I apply this little massaging pillow to my eyes. I was concerned that it would aggravate my eyes since they are so sensitive with my contacts in, but I had no trouble at all. When I put this pillow in the freezer, I got instant cooling and relaxation, even on that 90 degree day. I seriously would love to have 10 of these so there is always one ready! The material is soft and smooth against my skin too. I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Epica Hand Held Shower Head with Extra-Long Hose Review

I have never seen a simpler shower head to install. Seriously, you just twist it on the existing pipe and you have either a stationary shower head or a massaging wand. With the three different water beats you are bound to find something that you like. It is also easy with the multiple settings to find something for the whole family. I love that I can use this shower head any where on my body that I need to because the hose is long enough to reach where ever I need it. Also, this reach helps greatly while cleaning the tub, it simply goes where it needs to, to get the job done. Being able to use it in the fixed position allows me to wash my hair or body, and not have to worry about holding the wand. I tried really hard to twist and kink this hose to no avail. So it really is kink free, or at least that kind of kink free, ha! I seriously couldn’t live with out a handheld shower head. These things are amazing. Love it! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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AZSPORT Waist Trimmer Review

I think that perhaps I have too much waist to worry about trimming it in this way, however, my back thanks me and AZ Sport greatly for the lumbar support that this product offers me. In a simple way, no different to me than wearing a belt, this waist trimmer supports my aching lower back and helps alleviate daily pain in that area. Also, by alleviating my pain there it doesn’t shoot down my leg and I have more mobility from just this simple waist trimmer. Even though this is the southern winter here in NC, this product is so lightweight and breathable that it doesn’t cause me any discomfort due to the heat, so that part is nice too. This belt fits up to 50 inches, so it should be great for most people. My husband likes to wear this around too, when his back is a bit under the weather. It works great on him too. I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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WojoCALM 5-pack (5 single-use liquid supplements) Giveaway

As someone who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder, this supplement came in handy in a ton of ways. It is a little vial that you tip into whatever you are drinking. I tried it in my morning coffee (because you know that helps anxiety, the caffeine, hahaha!). The supplement added a pleasant taste to the coffee and was completely compatible to it. You can also mix with hot water and make a little calm me down tea. I realized after just one use that this product does work to take my stress and anxiety levels down several notches, right away. Being such a small amount of product that shocked me, but being a smaller size of liquid also made it easier to take. I really like that everything in this product is natural too, no chemicals and all that fake nonsense. Just plain and simple. It works. I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

The package is nice and small, so much that you could slip it into your purse or pocket and have it with you when you need it. This is really a nice way to give yourself some inner peace. Especially in this stressful world.

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These are a whole lot less stressful on your body and less expensive than Xanax.

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Soap Club Handmade Soap Review

I received the Sweet Pea Posy soap from this collection. While it didn’t smell like any sweet pea scent that I was used to, my husband loved it. It lathers well and rinses clean. The smell wasn’t unpleasant, it just wasn’t what I was used to. They have several scents to choose from and I am sure one to please everyone. It does well at exfoliating, as it claims, and your skin is left feeling soft and refreshed. The soap doesn’t melt into nothing and lasts a good time too. My son used this soap as well, and it was great on his eczema. I really like that it is olive oil based too, that is different to me from other products. The packaging on this product is nice as well and would make an amazing gift for anyone. I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Saavy Naturals Plumeria Violet Body Cream Review

This body cream smells amazing. Not only does it smell amazing, my skin also feels wonderful after using! The cream spreads nicely and really sinks into your skin well. I love that this comes in a pump bottle, as that is much simpler to use. The bottle is well made too, indicating that the company truly cares about their products and their customers. This bottle is pretty as well, which means that displaying it on my desk is easy. They have such a range of beautifully made products and being vegan and all natural, makes me so much happier to use them! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion of it.

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Black Canyon Vanilla Delight Body Lotion Review

Oh my! This lotion smells good enough to eat. My hands feel amazing after using. I keep this product on my desk for easy use at any time. The pump bottle helps that so much! One handed application at its finest. The lotion just melts into your skin with very little effort, leaving your skin hydrated and smelling amazing. The scent is a delicate vanilla and brown sugar smell, reminding me of a top store’s lotion of the same scent. I literally can not tell this difference in the smell, but the feel is much better with this one and it does take as much to get it rubbed in. The bottle is well made and storage is a breeze. At 8 ounces this is a good sized bottle too, and you won’t need much at one time. This lotion leaves behind no greasy feel or residue. I simply can not find one thing bad to say about it. I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Dr. Kay’s Night Splint Brace for Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinopathy Review

This brace really does help alleviate the morning stiffness associated with several different ailments. The stiffness results from extended periods of non use of the limb and extends into the daytime to cause more problems. This brace alleviates that by allowing the muscles to maintain stretched out, thereby reducing the daytime pain. It is a bit clunky to wear, but then you aren’t (or shouldn’t be) up dancing in the middle of the night anyways. This product is of good quality, material wise, and adjusts to various sizes from small to largest. It is simple to put on and simple to wear. It doesn’t inhibit sleep at all and doesn’t cause any unneeded swelling either. The non skid sole is helpful too, if you are like me and run to the bathroom ten thousand times a night. The breathable liner inside the brace allows for less sweating and odor in that area. This is an awesome solution for anyone with this particular problem. I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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Little Moon Essentials Review

After taking way too long to write this review, I want to jump right in and give this company the attention that they well deserve! This company is amazing. The names of their products alone is enough to make me want every one of them. The owner of the company herself is so personable and amazing. I had such a pleasant contact with her. She sent me several products of hers to review. Every one of them was more amazing than the last.

1. Shine on Sugar Scrub: This scrub smells good enough to eat, and you could. It’s organic, edible and smells amazing. The scent of lemongrass lingers on your skin while scrubbing away all the ickyness that you don’t want on you anyways. The container is unbreakable, which for clumsy people like me is wonderful! Your skin will never look as amazing as with this scrub!

2. Letting Go Warming Mineral Bath: I love baths, this product goes right in the water with the warming feel of ginger and soaks into your skin to relax all your tensions away. Smells amazing and feels even better. There is nothing better for my tired achiness than this mineral bath and a good long soaking.

3. Clear Mind Mist: This mist is wonderful at perking you up and helping you focus in the mornings! It smells so good, you can spray it on you or in the air. Doesn’t irritate skin at all, as a matter of fact, nothing of theirs does, which is huge for my allergies!

This company is wonderful, you can’t ask for better organic products and passion for their line as this company maintains. I am ecstatic at having had the opportunity to try their products.

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Awakening Mineral Skin Care Body Cream Review

This is a lightweight body cream made with the natural anti-allergen (yay for me!!!) magnesium. This cream smells great, is very light weight and doesn’t clog my pores. This product works well to soothe my son’s irritated eczema and works well on my skin that is allergy prone too! The whole family can use this cream for just about any issues that they have, or to prevent issues from occurring. My boyfriend uses this on his wind beaten skin after being out in the weather all day. This lotion is also good for any part of your body! 😉 It is not tested on animals and is vegan. You can layer it up without getting that nasty crumbly effect that some body creams give when you use too much. The smell is seriously amazing and doesn’t linger around on your skin at all. I didn’t quite believe that when I read it, but seriously you have to try it to believe it!

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