Sterno Smoresmaker

We had so much fun with this kit! This is an excellent way to get the outside fun of smores on the inside. You can literally use this set just about anywhere, so that means that you can take it camping OR you can use it right in your living room for those inside camping nights. Everyone loves smores and this kit is just an awesome way to be able to do them anywhere. The red plastic tray is perfect for holding all the needed items and the fuel in the can is a great idea, as long as you don’t try to blow on it, those are my words to the wise there. This kit comes with these metal fork looking things that you spear the marshmellows with and roast them over top of the net mesh screen looking thing (safety shield). This is a great addition to sleepovers, slumber parties, kid’s parties, adult functions, and any number of things that I can think of! As a member of Tryazon, I did receive this product for free, in exchange for my honest opinion.

Steadydoggie Vacumn Tumbler Review

This is one of the better tumblers that I have used. This is a good size, 20 ounces and it keeps my drinks cold or hot for a good long while. The lids fit on tightly, but not so tightly that I have trouble getting them on or off. The tumbler is a good weight in your hand, no so much so that it is heavy and not so lightly as to easily tip over. I like that it isn’t easy to spill anything in this cup at all. I love that you can use this one with cold or hot liquids and it keeps either one at just the right temperature, far longer that it takes for me to drink it for sure. This cup is simple to wash and doesn’t stain. I love this tumbler and can’t see myself trading up anytime soon! I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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