Transgender Bathrooms, Is there a Vagina or Penis Officer?

Ok, here is what I don’t get. Has there been something that was stopping anyone from using whatever bathroom they wanted already? I have never once been asked to verify my gender prior to using a restroom. It was my assumption that a man that felt he was really a woman was already using the women’s restrooms. How would I know? Is there someone standing at the door to the bathroom checking? (If so, how do I get that job? Sign me up!)

This thought brings me to my next one.

As I always say when something seemingly small gets blown way out of proportion on media, what is the government really doing that they are trying to slide by us? We live with such a sheep mentality that we don’t realize that all media is owned by the same people and they talk about whatever they are told to, so if we are told to focus on this whole transgender bathroom issue, then what REAL issue is being slide by us while we are distracted?

Furthermore, once again, we as a society, have yet again figured out a way to segregate one group of people and keep the hate going. To what end? The only way our government works is if the people are too busy hating each other to notice what else is going on. This is why the media is always filled with racial “issues”, even if they have to put that slant on the story themselves.

When it is time for my to use a public restroom, I don’t give a rat’s ass who is in the stall next to me. I rarely use them anyways, so by the time I go to one its because the situation is desperate and I must go right then. I wouldn’t care if I was holding hands with the person on the toilet next to me as long as I wasn’t peeing in my pants.

I know what you are going to say, “But Linda, would you want your daughter to walk into the bathroom and see penis hanging out?” Well, just because there is a transgender person in the bathroom doesn’t mean they are going to be standing around with their penis or vaginas hanging out for all to see. (Don’t get me started on urinals at all……..They don’t belong in any bathroom.) You want to protect your child from something in a public bathroom? Go with them! You should be anyways. There are worst things that can happen in a public restroom than having another gender in it, this much I promise you.

I was asked yesterday would I want my son seeing vaginas in the men’s room. My response? Right, wrong, or indifferent, my son is 9, I am almost certain that he has seen one before or will before long. (His birth mother has 2 little girls younger than him.) You can’t protect your kids from seeing the human body. Sorry, you just can’t. And then, that goes back again to not letting them go to the bathroom alone if you are that concerned. (They shouldn’t be going alone anyways.)

The same person asked me if I would be comfortable using the bathroom with the transgender man in the stall next to me taking pictures of me. Where in the world does the fact that he is transgender mean that he is going to take pics of me? What stops anyone at all from taking pics in one way or another? (If I am desperate enough to use the public restroom, I might would autograph the pics haaaaaaa!)

Then there are the musicians that are refusing to play in states that don’t support their opinions. Really, are we swayed by this now too, or is this a set of artists that feel that they are becoming irrelevant and they want to boost their sales????? Hmmmmm, think about that a minute.

The entire point of my post is that perhaps we should be looking a little deeper to see what actual issue is being covered up. Until next time, stay out of the bathroom all together if the place you are going to doesn’t support your thoughts. It is really not so hard to live and let live. I do it all the time.