Mental Wellness Tip of the Day

You can assume control for the direction of your own thoughts. That defining moment (or moments) in your life that haunt(s) you daily can be reframed as a moment that changed your life for the better. It may not have seemed it at the time, but that time is past. You now can change that horrible feeling from that time into a positive one that changed the very foundation of who you are and made you who you are now. We are constantly changing, evolving into people that we have never before been. You can CHOOSE to make that change a positive one, just be reframing your nightmare into a stepping stone. If you are suffering please reach out.

PTSD is not a battle that you fight alone. Reach out to whomever you need to, to get the help that you need. Your battle buddies understand more than you now and it is not a sign of weakness to acknowledge that adjusting is hard. If you need to reach out to me directly, you can email me at
Don’t suffer alone.

Nail File Review

These are great files for a variety of purposes. When giving gift bags or packing up travel kits for others, or yourself, these files are great as fillers and they work pretty well. I have arthritis, so they are a bit small for me to be able to grasp and use as I would a normal file, but they will work in a pinch. With a package of files this large you can stick one anywhere that you would need a file at. In your desk, purse, car, the coffee table, anywhere really. This is a great sized pack of files and they seem pretty sturdy too, I have used them on my acrylic nails and they didn’t fold or bend in any way. This is a great set of files. I received this product at a reduced cost in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Life Advice from the Studying Psychologist’s Couch

My words of advice for the day:
1. If you walk away from a person, be kind enough to let them go.
2. Every choice has consequences, make sure that those consequences are ones that you can live with.
3. Don’t show someone with nothing to lose how crazy you are. They can out crazy you on 34 levels IF they choose to.
4. Don’t walk away from something without giving it your best effort. In the end you can always say that at least you tried.
5. If you have tried and it still failed, be smart enough to walk away.
6. While walking away, remember that the kindest thing you can say sometimes is nothing at all.
7. When looking in the mirror remember that you are always harder on yourself than others will ever be on you.
8. Walk through life in such a way that people never forget you, but so that those memories are good ones.
9. When all things look down, remember to look UP. There is a reason for all the suffering, even if you can’t yet see it.
10. In the end, nothing really matters, be assured that if things still matter to you, that it is not the end.