Vanilla Bean Powder Review

This product really wowed me! I love the taste of vanilla anytime, but this one is so intense and you can really tell that it has been ground recently and not months ago. I love that this powder comes in an easy to reseal bag, so that I can easily open it and use what I need and then store the rest. I love that this is gluten free and vegan and that it is all organic. We get way too many chemicals in our bodies as is and it is nice that this isn’t just one more. You can really perk up the taste of any smoothie or any recipe that you make that calls for vanilla extract. I really prefer the taste of this powder over the fake vanilla extracts that can really ruin a dish. I also like to add a small teaspoon of this to my coffee beans when I am grinding them and I get the richest vanilla coffee that way. It taste amazing. Your really much try this yourself.

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Ebook Rider by Cassia Cassitas Review

This book, of course is about an athletes, so I wasn’t sure that I would be able to really get into it, but since I just started working out a lot and really focusing on bettering myself, this book really spoke about the drive to do what it is that you have set your mind to. The focus that it takes to win the prize, whatever you have decided that your desired prize is. This book is well-written and has a flow to it that keeps you reading and wanting more. That is huge to me, because if a book can’t keep me interested, I won’t continue to read. I think this book has a lot to offer anyone seeking to improve themselves, not just necessarily athletes alone. I think the fact that this is a series of short stories lends to keeping my attention in this book too. I really enjoyed reading this and think that most other people would too. This book would be a terrific gift for an upcoming high school or college athlete. I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion of it.

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3Pcs Set Decorative Collapsible Storage Boxes, Closet Drawer Organizers Review

These storage boxes/ drawer organizers are so useful. I have mine beside my desk on a metal shelf and use them to store my school textbooks and notebooks, so that they are within reach and easy to find when I need them. These are a perfect solution for what was quickly becoming an intolerable problem of the book I needed always being the one on the bottom of this unorganized, messy looking stack of books. This is a much better solution that looks soooooooooo much better! I can now find what I am looking for with ease. These look terrific as well. They are very sturdy, obviously, or they wouldn’t be able to hold my books. They fold up easily to store away when I don’t need them. I could see being able to use them for a wide variety of things. I really like that these come in three sizes, as a set, so that you can get the maximum variety of use out of them. I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Makeup Remover from Miss Landson(tm) Review

This is a cloth that you moisten with water and it does an amazing job of removing your makeup, without all the chemicals that other makeup remover has. This cloth feels amazing against your skin, without giving you those tiny micro-tears that other abrasive products can leave, which can lead to infections in your skin. One side is an exfoliator and the other the makeup remover. This exfoliator is gentle on your skin like no other! This product is durable and functional. The colors on it don’t run when you wash it. I have not found any makeup yet that leaves stains on this cloth. I really couldn’t believe the ease of removing my mascara with this cloth. I thought that there was no way that this would work on that, I have the hardest time getting mascara off with any product. I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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