Probiotic Chews for Dogs with Prebiotics Review

I must admit that I was apprehensive at first about this product. I mean, you have to get the dog to actually eat it before it will work and all the dogs I know are super picky. Well, they ate this right up! The flavor is something that apparently appeals to even the pickiest pooch. I have surely noticed a marked decrease in the stench coming from their rears, which is a plus for all of us. There is a lot in this bag too, and the bag reseals which is wonderful for ease of storage. They don’t smell too great to me, but I am not the one that has to eat them either. As long as the dogs get them down, we are good to go. They seem to love them and beg for more, so someone did something right with the taste of these. I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

Get some for your favorite best friend at:


About lindasue1979

I am studying to be a psychologist in the hopes of becoming a therapist treating PTSD patients as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. I am also a sufferer of PTSD and Generalized Anxiety. But most of all, I am Mom to be amazing nephew. I love life and all things in it. Love to try new products and loveeeeeeeeee to give my opinion, even when not asked!

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