Ipad Ibuddy Tablet Car Mount Review

This is a wonderful product and a wonderful company! I don’t have an ipad, but this mounts my Samsung tab to the head rest in my car so that these long trips with my son don’t drive me insane. This keeps him entertained and quiet! Which is huge especially when you are a little lost and trying to follow directions. This holds my tablet snugly without slipping all around and scaring me, (scared of damaging it!) This won’t allow that to happen, so again, one less stress for me! I recommend this for anyone that has a child (or adult) they need to entertain on short or long trips. I had less than a stellar time with ordering this product and the seller made up for it and got everything settled right away, so that I could receive this product and start getting these wonderful benefits! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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YALMEH Foundation Brush Review

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, this brush feels amazing on your face. It holds a good amount of foundation and works to blend it all right in, no lines, no streaks! It has a nice weight to it, making it easy to hold in your hand and doesn’t slip all around from being too light. It’s so close to perfect that I almost can’t stand it. It is cruelty free and vegan, which means you can feel good about using it! I have seen absolutely no shedding from this brush at all, even though I have washed it several times now. I use this in the place of my Bare Essentials brush and it works flawlessly! Love it, you go Yalmeh! And here I was thinking you only did skin care, not tools! Love it! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell Book Review

This book is called, “It Was Me All Along” and is written by the well-spoken and beautiful Andie Mitchell. This is a book that touches me very deeply, as it sounds similar to my story. She tells of her childhood and how she bottled every emotion into eating. Happy? Eat. Sad? Eat. Mad? Eat. and so on. This is often how I explain my issues with food. She tells of how she came to grips with the reasons she was eating and what she did to change not only her mind, but her body too. She tells things that generally the outside world wouldn’t know, unless they felt it too. She states things in such a way that it helps others know that they are indeed not alone in this fight. She has opened my eyes and allowed me to know that I am not the only one that has had this relationship with food. It is a battle, a non-stop, on going life long battle. But all along, that person was her, and this person is simply, me. I received this book from Blogging for books, for the purpose of review.

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Delicates Laundry Bag Review

Ok, so you spent a fortune on those lace frilly underclothes and you don’t want them messed up in the wash? Or, like me, you have to buy those terribly expensive bras that always betray you by the wire poking through. You know the problem is the washing machine, but you still have to wash these things. Here is the perfect solution: Inside Smarts laundry bags. They come in a set of 4, 2 medium and 2 large. You zip your item up in the bag and toss in the washer, with no worry of it being damaged because it is protected in this bag! I love these things, so much less stress! And they save you money by not allowing your delicates to be torn up in the washer! There is even 2 colors of bags in this one pack, for darks and whites!!!!! This is a simple product, for a simple price, that simply works as intended! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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Best Makeup Remover EVER: Fractionated Coconut Oil Review

Put down those overly expensive, harsh, aggravating and annoying containers of makeup remover! This product is amazing! This is a really big bottle, and a tiny price. It smells nice and removes my eye makeup in a snap, without bothering my contacts. That is a huge thing to me, I have never found anything that would remove it that easy, without aggravating my contacts. And it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy like some oils can. This product is also safe to use as a natural lubricant. I have always found coconut oil hard to work with, as it always gets hard and I can’t do much with it. But, this product doesn’t do that at all! You can use this oil in many products and for many uses, and it has a long shelf stable life. I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Here are some of the other uses that the company lists:
Coconut oil one of the most versatile oils. It’s used as moisturizer, in recipes for tooth paste, as lip balm, in coconut shampoo. It’s used a natural deodorant, for face wash, as hair conditioner, eye makeup remover, as shaving cream, in sunburn remedies, for massage, aromatherapy and many other household uses and benefits.

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New Radiance Naturals Vitamin C Serum Review

I don’t think that I can say often enough how much I adore Vitamin C Serums! The decrease in the appearance of aging signs is paramount! I am not really young anymore and any boost in removing those years of sun damage and just age, is really helpful! This product comes in a sturdy bottle, with a sturdy dropper (which is super important!!!) and also comes with 365 day guarantee! You simply can’t beat that. It simply works or you get your money back. No worries though, because this product does work. It smells amazing and feels amazing on your skin. I have noticed that my really old acne scars are starting to lighten up with this product and I have tried everything on those and nothing has ever worked before this product. Being all natural, organic and cruelty free, makes this product at the top of my go to list! You don’t have to worry about putting harsh man-made chemicals on your skin with this one! And you don’t have to worry about the animals it is tested on, because it isn’t! Also, this product is made in the USA, so you can feel great about supporting our country’s businesses. I received this product in exchange for an honest opinion.

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Boston Sport Jump Rope Review

I used to love jumping rope when I was a child, and I found out with this jump rope that I still do! (granted not often or for long, but it does feel good to get a bit of wind in your lungs.) My son uses this jump rope mainly and while it is not exactly for kids we have found with a quick flip around his wrists its small enough for him and still big enough for me. Also, aside from doing it that way, its is actually adjustable and takes no time to adjust! That is perfect! Jumping rope is a great way to get your body moving and help you lose a little weight too, while still having some fun. This is a very durable rope, which is great because our last one didn’t last five minutes with my son. This one is still taking a beating and shows no signs of use at all! That is a sheer testimony to the quality of materials used in this one. We love this one! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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Dr. Song’s 20% Salicylic Acid Gel Peel Review

After the not so fabulous experience that I had with a lactic acid peel, I was nervous about this one, but being how much I have always touted the wonderfulness of Salicylic Acid when dealing with acne, I knew that I had to try this one. This is an easy to use formula, in a well made bottle, with a dropper that doesn’t get clogged. Everything is very sturdy on that end. But you don’t care about that. What you care about is the effect on your skin. It works to clear acne and blackheads, as well as it will solve that oily skin nightmare too. A few things are key here, your skin will peel (that is the idea!), after the peel your skin will look fresh and renewed and with continued use you will find the skin you always wanted. (Or at least I did!) Make sure to use sunscreen after use, that step is important! I really love this product and look forward to continuing using this wonderful companies’ products! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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Angry Orange Pet Odor Remover Review

Let me start by saying I love the name of this product! I pictured the orange on the bottle before I ever saw it! I have rental property and if one of my tenants has a pet I have to try to get the smell out prior to re-renting it. I have used many products over the years, but none that measure up to this one. The smell is literally gone with just a few sprays. This is a concentrated solution, so you have to dilute it and mix it with water, which I did in a spray bottle for easier use. And for this low cost, it makes up to a gallon of solution! That is an amazing deal! This is a non-toxic solution that I can use even in my own home, even with kids rolling around on the floors (and else where). It is made from orange peels and has an amazing orange scent that I adore. I have even used this in my sink to get rid of that smell that accumulates there from time to time. I use it as a bathroom cleaner as well, because again I love the scent and it does well to cut down the stench of little boy bathroom issues. (I can’t be the only one that goes through those!) I used this while cleaning out my cat’s litter box and you literally could not even tell that the litter box had ever even been used, it eliminated the smell that well! This is truly a fabulous product! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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Wholeness Pet Auto Barrier Review

There is nothing better to keep your pet safe in the car and off of your gearshift, than this product here! Made of really tough material, this pet auto barrier fit easily between the seats of my Honda Passport and my boyfriend truck too! It has adjustable straps that fit most anywhere. I really like the pockets on this thing that hold whatever you need it too. The air is still able to move through the meshy part, so your best friend doesn’t sit in the back and shiver or sweat. This is an ideal addition for anyone wanting to keep their pet safe. Think, you are in a seat belt but they aren’t, this will at least keep them from flying through the car and hitting in the front if you have an accident, and that is the least you can do for your friend. I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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