Happy Breastfeeding Week! Let’s frankly discuss this!

allieMy cousin is a brave young woman, a mother, wife, friend, daughter, grand daughter, cousin, sister, and a ton of other things all in one little bitty body. She is amazing to me! This week is national breastfeeding week, and she has posted a photo on facebook of her and her beautiful daughter, while her daughter is having breakfast. I will post the photo now and let you take a look. There is nothing indecent in this photo, at least nothing to normal non-perverted people. This is a beautiful moment in time, captured for the world (as all photos on facebook are viewed by the masses), meant to promote the acceptance of breastfeeding. Although in the photo, the only thing my cousin is doing is feeding her daughter breakfast, there is rarely any controversy when I feed my son breakfast, so there shouldn’t be with her either.


I am just not believing that the entire rest of what I wrote just disappeared!

My entire point to this blog post is that people need to mind their own business, if you can’t trust your husband not to look, then get a new husband, if you have to explain things to your children, then explain then!!!!! Don’t make a mother feel ashamed or even try to make them feel ashamed for doing their job as a mother. I said this much more eloquently or more colorfully the first time that I typed it, but alas, my blog seems to delete things as it wants too. I am going to see if I can find the rest, but feel free to comment, or even challenge my view on this, I can promise they are more in favor than those against.


About lindasue1979

I am studying to be a psychologist in the hopes of becoming a therapist treating PTSD patients as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. I am also a sufferer of PTSD and Generalized Anxiety. But most of all, I am Mom to be amazing nephew. I love life and all things in it. Love to try new products and loveeeeeeeeee to give my opinion, even when not asked!

4 responses to “Happy Breastfeeding Week! Let’s frankly discuss this!

  1. Love this! Beautiful pic. I breastfed all 4 of mine. The last one until he was almost 3 lol

  2. Mari Jimenez

    Its a beautuful picture between the bonding
    of Mother and Child. Breastfeeding is something natural, something precious that should never be looked down upon or critizided. Every Mother should be allowed to share and express these tender moments with their child. For those who don’t like it or have something negative to say…..keep it to yourself and keep it moving. We Mothers do not need anyones approval! To all the breastfeeding Mothers out there, continue to bond and feed your precious angels and post your pics as you wish. Never allow perverted, closed minded people turn something that is natural, beautiful, a gift from God into something to be ashamed about!

  3. clista Martin

    Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. Its much cheaper than formula. Its better for the baby and mother. Boosts baby’s immune system. Creates a deeper bond between mother and child. Children who breastfeed score higher intelligence wise and are sick less often. People who are against breastfeeding those are the weirdos not the beautiful mothers feeding a sweet baby how they were meant to be fed. Breastfeeding should be encouraged not made to feel like you are gross and unnatural. There should be no shame in breastfeeding

  4. Melissa Koullias

    As you very well know I breast fed both of my children, my oldest till he was 11 months and my second till he was 18 months. I enjoyed every minute of it, yes there were times I was exhausted but I did it because I felt like it was best for them. I actually was in a department store in the lounging area in their bathroom and was told by an associate that I made people feel uncomfortable, even though I was covered, needless to say I NEVER went back to that store again. I felt as a mother, it was my decision. We as a society watch models bare practically nothing and we hope to obtain a perfect body but when a mother shows a little bit of herself to feed her child it’s a no no. I support women 100% when they choose to breast feed their children…I have always tried to do what was right for my children and will continue to do so. If we were out in a restaurant and my sons were hungry I would always make sure we had a booth and I would sit on the inside, covered, and do so. It is our right as a mother to feed our children the way GOD built us to, naturally!

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