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Dr. Brandt laser fix serum, COVERGIRL soothers bb cream, CityColor matte blush, Elizabeth Mott mascara, BH Cosmetics baked eye shadow and MAC Cosmetics glass gloss, oh and BH again on the brows.

Dr. Brandt

Ok so I have been emailing companies for the last two weeks, asking for samples of their products to be able to blog about and review. I have had a lot of wonderful responses from different companies, and I am looking forward to sharing them all with you! Dr. Brandt took it one step further and invited me to be a VIP brandt ambassador for their brand. What this means is that they send me full size products, prior to release to do a trail run of and review. I thought great, I love this line already and I am getting some good stuff to try out. The things they sent me are called laser fx lift serum (for my old falling down skin 🙂 ), bb cream in flexitone and microderm stuff. I thought “ok I will give It a go, but we will see on results”, as I am to use the products for a month then do my review. But let me tell you 2 days in and I can already feel a difference! I had to tell you guys about it right away! This stuff comes out in the fall and you have to run, not walk and go get you some! seriously I am so concerned about aging skin, this is amazing! I will keep up with my trail and I will be writing again to let y’all know how its going!!! ❤


Love and lip stick to you!


curlistoCurlisto products made my hair lay down and behave! I can’t believe it! it’s amazing! I requested a sample to review, they sent me several, I used each one and I can’t believe the amazing difference! I thought there is no way this little amount of product is going to do anything but I was pleasantly surprised when after washing and conditioning my hair that I could pull a brush through it without putting any oil in it! that never happens! so head over to and unlock your hairs hidden potential!!!!

garcinia cambogia review

this is the most amazing product! all natural, doesn’t give you the jitters and is completely safe for someone with high blood pressure. I have been using this for months in conjunction with healthy eating and reduced calorie count and I have lost 60 pounds thus far. this is a product that I will use over and over! I received this particular bottle free to review, but they were already a shoe in! this is a great alternative to all the chemicals and other nonsense in other diet products. go get some!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

all the upcoming items that will be reviewed! can’t wait!

freefreebiesmonday tuesdayhaul

I received these products for free, to use and review, so that everyone will know the quality of these products and the little bits of advice that I have to go with each. Thanks all, GOOD NIGHT!

Samples or NO?

Well, as I try to gather everything to be able to give you guys the most accurate reviews of items as I can. I find myself being told no by a few companies for samples, or being told to go to my local beauty counter. Well, I certainly can not afford to buy full size products to write reviews on, seems that those brands will not be being reviewed, sad really. BUT there have been a ton of companies that have agreed to send me out some samples so that I can give all of you the juicy info on all these wonderful beauty products. I am so excited and I am sure that everyone else is too! If anyone has a specific product that they want me to do a review on, please let me know and I won’t make any promises but I will do the best that I can.
Today, I sat in a cafeteria in the local state college, as a college student the thought crossed my mind that these people are supposed to be my “peers” as I am a college student myself. Well, let me say, they are surely not my peers, 3 girls, at least 3, didn’t even brush their hair today! No one had makeup on BUT me! What is wrong with this world that we can’t even brush our hair! Ladies get it together or shave your heads!
That is all the complaint for me today, I just smeared this Murad wrinkle stuff on my forehead wrinkles, the most awesome thing in the whole world! This stuff totally transforms your skin! MY favorite thing so far is the collagen booster! Do yourself a favor and go here and get yours now!!!! Their customer service is amazing also!!!
Good night, time for me and my cross eyed kitty to curl up and slumber. I will be back at this tomorrow, I have some awesome reviews coming up soon! From products that I am sampling from

Reviews (still trying to catch up!)

Ok now I have normal skin and really crazy hair, these things are important to know about me, as they affect what I think of a product. here we go!!!

Olay Regenerist Thermal mini- peel: This is a heating scrub, moderately priced and let me tell you its down right amazing!!! When you put it on, it has a pleasant smell and texture and then you feel it heating up, it is wonderful. My skin looks and feels amazing! I got this one at Ulta while it was on sale like $20 I think. I don’t normally review all the products that I buy, BUT this one deserved it!

Urban decay eye shadow primer: Blah, I really don’t care for this one, I can’t see a bit of difference between this one and the $2 essence beauty one. It blends well, but I don’t notice any difference in the amount of time my eye shadow stays, it never creases anyways, so maybe its just a product that I don’t need. I love the urban decay brand, just not thrilled over this product!

Urban decay all nighter make up setting spray: love this one, of course sometimes I just love a cool burst of water to the face too. my makeup literally stays put all day and all night long! this is a must have!!!!! head over to to get you some!

urban decay perversion mascara: I scored this awesome freebie right at the time they launced this mascara! its OK, clumps a bit more than I like but not awful bad. the color is great, rich and dark, and coverage is good, lasts all day, I would recommend it more for people that don’t have sensitive eyes or contacts though, as it gave me a bit of trouble once it hit my eye. but all in all a good product.

Avon footworks brand products: OH MAN! these are wonderful, cheap and so useful! there is a range of peels, sprays, lotions, scrubs, washes and so on that are just for your tootsies! and everyone of the products (yes I have used every single one) are amazing! head on over to to get you some!!!

Makeup Mania: OH boy, I hate to do this but I requested samples from a wonderful woman via facebook, we spoke for several minutes about the type of sample needed to write a review. I literally got 3 cut up make up sponges with dried up foundation on them. not enough product to review. I won’t try again and I will not buy from someone that isn’t concerned with the image they portray to the public. good day to you!

Fireworks cosmetics: I maybe a little biased on this one, she is a friend of mine. But here goes, this woman made me a sample set that would blow your socks off. The pigments that she sent me, she makes them!!, and the colors are amazing! the coverage is good and the staying power is better that a lot of brands! The thing that she sent me that was the most exciting, she made specifically for me, was bath salts that were geared just to ease my pain but not stink like some of the other brands do. She hit it dead on with this one! so much so that the man here loves them too. They make your skin so soft and ease tired joints and muscles. Literally heaven in a bathtub! She also sent me her brand of mimsy soap, which is an exfoliating glycerin soap, it smells amazing and you just see the dead skin come right off of you. She also sells a wide range of other products that she makes herself.! amazing woman and amazing products!

Well I have run out of time for the moment, I will be back with some more in a little bit, thanks for reading! And if you have a product you want me to review, just let me know! thanks!

All my recent reviews

Ok so I have been a little slack, I have gotten so many wonderful products that I need to discuss with you guys! I am going to attempt to discuss them all, but I am forgetful so bear with me:

Elizabeth Mott It’s so Big Mascara: Amazing, I have been searching for a mascara that works as well as this one does forever! No clumps, no smears and my contacts have never been happier! It has Rich deep dark black color that has amazing staying power, yet doesn’t rip half my eyelashes off when trying to remove. I received this sample for free from emailing the company and requesting samples, they sent this mascara, a set of lash cards and something else that eludes my memory right now. They are currently out of samples but taking names on a waiting list to send in the future, go sign up!!!

Smashbox photo finish primer: I didn’t care much for this formula, it left me skin oily and didn’t do much for filling in my pores to make an even tone. Received in a birchbox one month, will not be buying.

Mario Bedescu skincare line: Amazing company! I can’t say enough about them! You go on their page at you fill out a customer profile, the system generates what products are best for your particular skincare needs. A few days later they will email you offering to send you free samples of those products! About a week later you will receive the very generous sample amounts of 7-8 products and let the amazement begin! These products are targeted just for you and your needs. They are simply amazing! The day that I received mine I had a pimple that had been on my face for a week, I couldn’t get it to budge. I put one tiny drop of the drying lotion on it and one hour, yes one hour only, later the pimple had popped and was well on its way to healing! Amazing company and amazing products. Will be purchasing from them repeatedly for the next 100 years!

Vagisil Moisture Wash: I received this product from One2One network to sample and review. It was a full size bottle, amazing! This wash is targeted to treat the most sensitive and moisture starved lady parts. From a brand that is well known in the feminine hygiene product line, so you know you can trust them. Relieves any itch that you may have, while being gentle enough to use with every wash. Smells really soft and amazing. Will purchase in the future.

OPI sand polish: received this from either or in a gift with purchase. Pretty blue color. Really pretty polish, not the first chip in over 2 weeks!!!! Amazing right? yea, but here is the problems, I do my own acrylic nails first off, I couldn’t remove this polish with nail polish remover, literally was stuck, I tried non-acetone and acetone and nothing. it took me over two hours to remove this polish with my nail drill. I don’t know anyone who has that kind of time. this will not be a product that I purchase ever.

Stay tuned I will have more coming as this day goes on to make room for the steady stream of other reviews that I need to write. Love to all!!!!