children, little boys in particular

I adore children. always have. I don’t have any of my own, but my nephew lives with me, he is 7, he has adhd. Now he has friends. Now lets discuss aforementioned friends. 2 similar little boys from our neighborhood. These little boys are wild, not unlike Shawn when he is unmedicated. But Shawn IS medicated, for his own safety and these little boys are NOT. There are currently running through my house screaming and yelling and acting a fool. I am trying to remember that they are just little boys, but my head might explode any minute. They are seriously loud and obnoxious. I like the kids don’t get me wrong, but I like them all better outside if they are going to be so deafeningly loud. I love that Shawn has kids to play with so I am not saying anything. Y’all please pray for me, or them, not sure which yet lol I hope that everyone is having a pleasant day!

Love, hearts, flowers and eye shadow,




About lindasue1979

I am studying to be a psychologist in the hopes of becoming a therapist treating PTSD patients as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. I am also a sufferer of PTSD and Generalized Anxiety. But most of all, I am Mom to be amazing nephew. I love life and all things in it. Love to try new products and loveeeeeeeeee to give my opinion, even when not asked!

2 responses to “children, little boys in particular

  1. Nan

    I feel your pain! I had 5 kids in my house weekend before last and wanted to either get drunk or smoke some weed! I did neither but felt like I was going to go crazy!

  2. I feel ya! Most days I feel like doing on or the other myself and in the end I do neither. Guess that’s a good thing. ugh. lol

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