Surgery tomorrow

Surgery tomorrow! ugh! I am scared out of my mind!  I woke up during the last one! hoping that doesn’t happen this time! Love to all my readers! See you on the flip side!


Hearts, Tears and blush!



children, little boys in particular

I adore children. always have. I don’t have any of my own, but my nephew lives with me, he is 7, he has adhd. Now he has friends. Now lets discuss aforementioned friends. 2 similar little boys from our neighborhood. These little boys are wild, not unlike Shawn when he is unmedicated. But Shawn IS medicated, for his own safety and these little boys are NOT. There are currently running through my house screaming and yelling and acting a fool. I am trying to remember that they are just little boys, but my head might explode any minute. They are seriously loud and obnoxious. I like the kids don’t get me wrong, but I like them all better outside if they are going to be so deafeningly loud. I love that Shawn has kids to play with so I am not saying anything. Y’all please pray for me, or them, not sure which yet lol I hope that everyone is having a pleasant day!

Love, hearts, flowers and eye shadow,



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Today is bright and I am trying to be. Hello all!

Hello and welcome,
I have no idea what I am doing here, but its a start. I am starting this blog to tell my tale, and to review some products. My tale is long and winding and probably boring, although I did once make my therapist feel the need to see a therapist, but that is neither here nor there. I am a full time psych student, on the dean’s list thanks to a ton of hard work, hopefully that will result in my treating PTSD patients via web cam. I am a full time girlfriend to a wonderful boyfriend named Joe. I am raising my wonderful nephew Shawn and he is the absolute love of my life, the reason that I wake up and the reason that I fall exhausted into the bed every night. I live in a beautiful house, in a beautiful town and have a beautiful life, finally. It hasn’t always been this way, but I believe that life had to be awful for so long so that I would know to appreciate the good. Thank God for the bad. Thank God for the good.
I use make up, acrylic nails and hair stuff to make me feel better. I do my own acrylic nails (that’s not always a great thing lol). I feel that if I am having a bad day that a good eye shadow or lipstick will make my mood much brighter. This is the reason that I like to try and review products. I don’t mind giving my opinion and letting all know what it is that I think! I figure that its the best way to know whether you want to actually try a product or not by reading the reviews.
I will end this for now and continue setting up my page, there will be more later, and that is both a threat and a promise!

Lots of love,
Hearts, Flowers and Eye shadow!